Implementation Programs

Benefits for IT teams.

Apple puts Apple School Manager  and  Apple Business Manager at your service   so that centers and entities can create and manage both user accounts and devices. Thanks to these free services we simplify the implementation process, create IDs quickly, we can configure devices wirelessly, distribute content and equip users with everything they need to carry out their work in a managed, efficient and secure way.

  • MDM enrollment required

    You can preconfigure your devices to require automatic mandatory enrollment in MDM. Self-enrollment ensures that devices are configured according to the school's requirements and ensures that all users receive those settings on their devices.

  • Setup Wizard

    You can make it easy for users to set up their own iOS devices and Mac computers. Using an MDM solution to set up their devices, users are guided through the activation process with the built-in Setup Wizard.

  • Wireless Supervision

    Supervision provides a higher level of device management for institutionally owned iPads and Macs. It allows additional restrictions, such as disabling iMessage, AirDrop, or Game Center, and provides additional device settings and features, such as web content filtering and single app mode.Wirelessly activate supervisory mode on a device as part of the setup process.

  • simple setup

    Your large-scale iPad, iPhone and Mac deployments will be seamless. Once users activate their devices, they can immediately set up their Apple ID, apps, and access to IT services wirelessly.No need to use start-up services or physically access each device to complete configuration

  • Availability

    If you have not yet migrated or have not activated Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager, from Inspire we can help you enroll the devices of your center or institution, configure the volume purchase program, or study the best MDM solution for your needs.

  • DEP registration

    Our Apple Customer Number or DEP Reseller ID is: 6DB83C0

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  • Apple School Manager

    Access the Apple portal to manage the accounts and devices of the students and staff of your Center.

    Apple Business Manager 
  • Apple Business Manager

    Access the Apple portal to manage your Company's staff, accounts and devices.

    Apple Business Manager 

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